Summary of Lands

The residents of Adar are mostly human and kalashtar. Their opposition to the Inspired rulers of Riedra defines their culture, and many of them have learned effective techniques for resisting psionic powers.
Classes: Monk, psion, psychic warrior, rogue, soulknife, wilder.
Skills: Autohypnosis, Knowledge (psionics), Knowl- edge (religion), Survival.
Feats: Strong Mind, Wild Talent.
Prestige Classes: Assassin, elocater, master inquisi- tive, pyrokineticist, shadowdancer, war mindP.

The natives of Aerenal are all elves. They revere their dead ancestors—to the point of keeping them close as death less creatures.
Classes: Cleric (the Undying Court), ranger, wizard.
Skills: Craft (woodcarving), Knowledge (religion), Profession (lumberjack).
Feats: Right of Counsel.
Prestige Classes: Arcane archer, archmage, eldritch knight, hierophant, loremaster, mystic theurge.

Tribes of human barbarians inhabit the northern coast of Argonnessen, the continent southeast of Khorvaire, and the nearby island of Seren. They view the dragons of that continent as divine patrons and protectors, and incorporate draconic elements into their clothing and culture.
Classes: Barbarian, druid.
Skills: Knowledge (nature), Survival.
Feats: Dragon Rage, Dragon Totem, Extend Rage, Raging Luck.
Prestige Classes: Dragon disciple, hierophant.

The people of Aundair, mostly human but intermingled with the other common races, value both education and agriculture.
Classes: Artifi cer, bard, cleric (Sovereign Host), monk, wizard.
Skills: Knowledge (any), Profession (vintner).
Feats: Education, Favored in House, Monastic Training.
Prestige Classes: Archmage, dragonmark heir, heir of Siberys, hierophant, loremaster, master inquisitive.

The industrial capital of Khorvaire, Breland is best known for the cosmopolitan city of Sharn, the largest settlement on the continent and one of the major ports along its southern coast. Breland is also the gateway to the mysterious continent of Xen’drik.
Classes: Cleric (Sovereign Host), fighter, rogue.
Skills: Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (history), Profession (smelter).
Feats: Favored in House.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, duelist, extreme explorer, heir of Siberys, master inquisitive.

The natives of Cyre are a people without a home since the utter destruction of the nation in the Last War. Before the war, Cyre was a peaceful land with a long tradition of artisanship. Now the survivors live throughout Khorvaire, especially among the remaining four nations of ancient Galifar (Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, and Thrane) and in Zilargo and the Mror Holds.
Classes: Artificer, cleric (Sovereign Host), fighter, wizard.
Skills: Craft (any), Diplomacy, Heal.
Feats: Favored in House, item creation feats.
Prestige Classes: Archmage, dragonmark heir, eldritch knight, heir of Siberys, hierophant, loremaster, master inquisitive.

Darguun is a nation of goblinoids, though some members of other races—many unsavory characters and some veterans of the Last War—live in the larger towns and cities.
Classes: Barbarian, fighter, monk, rogue.
Skills: Bluff, Intimidate, Survival.
Feats: Extend Rage, Monastic Training, Raging Luck.
Prestige Classes: Assassin, horizon walker, shadow- dancer.

The Demon Wastes is a savage region whose only humanoid inhabitants are fiercely barbaric human tribes and orc bands dedicated to keeping travelers out of the Wastes and all the land’s abominations in.
Classes: Barbarian, fighter, cleric (Kalok Shash [Silver Flame]), paladin.
Skills: Survival, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history).
Feats: Extend Rage, Raging Luck, Silver Smite.
Prestige Classes: Hierophant, horizon walker, thaumaturgist.

Monsters are the main residents of Droaam, from minotaurs to medusas. Some humanoids live in isolated com- munities in Droaam.
Classes: Barbarian, cleric (the Dark Six), fighter, rogue, sorcerer.
Skills: Intimidate, Survival.
Feats: Raging Luck, Strong Mind.
Prestige Classes: Assassin, blackguard, shadowdancer.

The Eldeen Reaches are a strange mixture of untouched wilderness and pastoral farmland, inhabited primarily by humans, half-elves, and shifters.
Classes: Barbarian, druid, ranger.
Skills: Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Profession (farmer), Profession (herder), Survival.
Feats: Ashbound, Beast Shape, Beast Totem, Child of Winter, Favored in House, Gatekeeper Initiate, Greensinger Initiate , Repel Aberration, shifter feats,
Totem Companion, Vermin Companion, Vermin Shape, Warden Initiate.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, Eldeen ranger, heir of Siberys, horizon walker, weretouched master.

The mostly human residents of Karrnath are among the most sophisticated and cultured people of Khorvaire. They played a major part in the Last War and are still reeling from their losses. Karrnath makes extensive use of corporeal undead as soldiers, still marching to the command of Karrnath’s king and generals.
Classes: Cleric (Blood of Vol, Sovereign Host), fighter, sorcerer, wizard.
Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (religion).
Feats: Education, Favored in House, Undead Empathy.
Prestige Classes: Archmage, dragonmark heir, duelist, eldritch knight, heir of Siberys, hierophant, loremaster, master inquisitive.

The residents of the Lhazaar Principalities are primarily human fishers, sailors, and sea raiders, though a scattering of members of the other common races can be encountered throughout these islands.
Classes: Cleric (Sovereign Host), fi ghter, rogue.
Skills: Profession (fi sher), Profession (merchant), Profession (privateer), Profession (sailor), Profession (shipwright), Profession (whaler).
Feats: Favored in House.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, heir of Siberys.

Few natives of any race live in the Mournland, but at least one small community of warforged makes its home in this blasted land. Nonwarforged natives of this area have Cyre as their region of origin.
Classes: Artificer, fighter, rogue.
Skills: Knowledge (arcana), Survival.
Feats: Warforged feats.
Prestige Classes: Warforged juggernaut.

The Mror Holds are the ancestral homeland of the dwarves.
Classes: Artificer, cleric (Sovereign Host), fighter.
Skills: Craft (armorsmithing), Craft (jewelry), Craft (stonecarving), Craft (weaponsmithing), Profession (banker), Profession (miner).
Feats: Favored in House.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, dwarven defender, extreme explorer, heir of Siberys.

The humans of Q’barra consider themselves to be the true heirs of the great culture of the kingdom of Galifar, undivided. For all that, their land is a rough and dangerous frontier.
Classes: Cleric (Sovereign Host), fighter, ranger, rogue, wizard.
Skills: Survival, Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nobility and royalty).
Feats: Favored in House.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, extreme explorer, heir of Siberys, horizon walker.

Most natives of Riedra are human, though the rulers of that land are the Inspired. Riedran humans are an oppressed majority, forced to work—and dream—for the benefit of their masters. Unlike the kalashtar of Adar, the Inspired seek out and eliminate humans who manifest any trace of psionic ability.
Classes: Fighter, rogue; Inspired only: psion, psychic warrior.
Skills: Craft, Profession; Inspired only: Autohypnosis, Knowledge (the planes), Knowledge (psionics), Psicraft.
Feats: Strong Mind.
Prestige Classes: Inspired only: elocater, metamind, psion uncarnate, thrallherd.

The swamplands of the Shadow Marches are home to a nation of orcs. Humans are a signifi cant minority in the towns of the Marches, and half-orcs are common.
Classes: Barbarian, druid, fighter.
Skills: Profession (fisher), Survival.
Feats: Favored in House, Gatekeeper Initiate, Repel Aberration.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, extreme explorer, heir of Siberys.

Homeland of the halfl ings, the Talenta Plains are a wild region of rugged grasslands. The nomadic halfl ings of the plains use various dinosaur breeds as mounts and beasts of burden. Halflings native to this region treat the sharrash, the tangat, and the Talenta boomerang (see page 119) as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.
Classes: Barbarian, fi ghter, ranger, rogue.
Skills: Handle Animal, Profession (healer), Profession (herder), Profession
(hospitaler), Ride.
Feats: Favored in House, Mounted Combat.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, extreme explorer, heir of Siberys.

Thrane is a theocratic nation of humans and other races devoted to the Church of the Silver Flame. Its culture and civilization are refi ned and elegant, and its people are known for fi ne craftwork.
Classes: Cleric (Church of the Silver Flame), fighter, paladin.
Skills: Craft (any), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (religion).
Feats: Ecclesiarch, Extra Turning, Favored in
House, Silver Smite.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, exorcist of the
Silver Flame, heir of Siberys, hierophant, loremaster, thaumaturgist.

In contrast to the ancient kingdom of Aerenal, Valenar is a young, expansionist, and aggressive elven nation. Originally mercenaries brought to Khorvaire to fi ght in the Last War, the elves of Valenar are renowned horse breeders and riders seeking to make a new nation sepa- rate and apart from the stoic Aerenal. Elves native to this region treat the Valenar double scimitar (see page 119) as a martial weapon rather than an exotic weapon.
Classes: Ranger.
Skills: Handle Animal, Ride.
Feats: Favored in House, Mounted Combat.
Prestige Classes: Arcane archer, dragonmark heir, heir of Siberys.

Zilargo is the native land of the gnomes of Khorvaire. Known for its libraries and universities, Zilargo is a storehouse of legend and lore. The Zilargo gnomes are recognized as great shipwrights, and their secret process for harnessing the power of elementals is the envy of the rest of Khorvaire.
Classes: Artificer, bard, cleric (Sovereign Host), rogue, wizard.
Skills: Craft (alchemy), Craft (gemcutting), Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local).
Feats: Bind Elemental, Education, Favored in House.
Prestige Classes: Dragonmark heir, heir of Siberys, loremaster, master inquisitive.

Summary of Lands

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