Summary of Houses

House Cannith

Race: Human
Mark of Making
Summary: Includes alchemists, artificers, and magewrights, as well as excellent mundane crafters. Accomplishments include the lightning rail, the warforged, and the towers of Sharn. Originally in Cyre, the destruction Cyre resulted in a three way split in rule. No enemies because they are useful, only danger is its own split.
Leaders: Baron Jorlanna d’Cannith (LN female human, wizard 8) operates out of Fair haven and oversees the house’s efforts in Aundair, Thrane, and the Eldeen Reaches. Baron Merrix d’Cannith (LE male human, arti- fi cer 9/dragonmark heir 3) leads the house’s activities in Breland, Zilargo, and Darguun from holdings in Sharn. Baron Zorlan d’Cannith (NE male human, artificer 3/sorcerer 4/dragonmark heir 1) controls house operations in Karrnath, the Mror Holds, and the Lhazaar Principalities from an enclave in Korth.
Guilds: Tinkers Guild, travel and repair structures, vehicles, and infrastructures.
Fabricators Guild: Best craftsman, also protect patterns and plans that allow quick replication of item.

House Deneith

Race: Human
Headquarters: Karrlakton
Mark of Sentinel
Summary: In charge of Law enforcement across land, and has the largest military force of all houses.
Leaders: Baron Breven d’Deneith (LN male human, aristocrat 3/fighter 3/dragonmark heir 4) controls the guilds and oversees the activities of the Sentinel Marshals who, by ancient decree, provide law and order across national boundaries.
With the Five Nations weakened by the Last War, some within the house feel that it is time for Deneith to exercise its power to forge a new kingdom. Chief among these activists is Shirin d’Deneith (LE male human, rogue 3/fighter 4/dragonmark heir 2), Lord Commander of the Blademarks. A recent convert to the Blood of Vol, Shirin has been working with the Order of the Emerald Claw and may soon attempt to wrest control of the house away from Breven.
Guilds: Defenders Guild provides protection, bodyguards, wizards who cast wards.
Blademarks Guild manages mercenary business.Most notable troop is League of the Bitter Blade, were the Queen’s Guard of Cyre during war.

House Ghallanda

Race: Halfling
Headquarters: Gatherhold
Mark of Hospitality
Summary: Maintains city of Gatherhold in the Talenta plains for nomadic halflings to use for trade and meetings, also provide traveling fair for halflings called “Wandering Inn”.
Leaders: Baron Yoren d’Ghallanda (CG male halfling, expert 3/bard 4) keeps a firm grip on both aspects of his house’s heritage—the traditional nomadic culture still practiced on the Talenta Plains and the “civilized” halflings who have been living among the other common races for thousands of years.
Guilds: Hostelers Guild is made up of chefs, innkeepers, and restaurant owners. Enforce standards of markets, give seals to independent companies who abide.

House Jorasco

Race: Halflings
Mark of Healing
Headquarters: Karrnath
Summary: Mostly cosmopolitan, few ties to nomadic halflings. Tend to most of Khorvaire through magic and mundane means, as well as mental with their enclaves. “Provide aid to all who can pay.”
Leaders: The matriarch of the house, Ulara d’Jorasco (LG female halfling, adept 6/dragonmark heir 5), is dedicated to overseeing her healing enclave and training hospital in Vedykar. She rarely travels far from the enclave, leaving the business of managing distant healing centers to younger family members. She has little patience for the traditional halflings of the Talenta Plains, who treat her house with suspicion and distrust.
Guilds: None

House Kundarak

Race: Dwarves
Mark of Warding
Summary: Bankers, provide security of business and precious goods. Viewed as a business. Has major branches in Aundaire, Thrane, Karrnath, Breland, Zilargo, the the Lhazaar Principalities. Each has a director. Also runs the prison island Dreadhold. As a house, sometimes loans are made out to other houses and royalty, some members give loands to adventuring groups as a form of speculation.
Leaders: The current patriarch, Baron Morrikan d’Kundarak (LN male dwarf, aristocrat 3/fighter 6), coordinates the operations of the Banking Guild and the Warding Guild from vast estates in Kundarakhold.
Guilds: Banking guild provides loans, letters of credit, and safekeeping services. Also exchange gold for more mobile forms of wealth, as well as speculation and investment.
Warding guild provides a safe for 10gp a day that’s contents can be accessed from any banking center run by Kundarak. Exoerts of magic and munane services, infamous for locks and traps. Also have own guards.

House Lyrandar

Race: Half-Elves
Headquarters: Aundair
Mark of Storm
Summary: Have outposts in Breland, Aundair, Zilargo, Thrane, Valenar, and Karrnath. Transportation marvels house Orien, and the two often compete. Also have conflicts with Lhazaar princes at sea.
Leaders: The house matriarch, Esravash d’Lyrandar (NG female half-elf, expert 7/dragonmark heir 2), oversees both the Raincallers Guild and the Windwrights Guild from the island paradise of Stormhome, which the house created off the coast of Aundair.
Guilds: Raincallers Guild alters the weather, especially farmers.
Windwrights Guild controls shipping and transportation with ships and airships

House of Medani

Race: Half-elves
Headquarters: Wroat
Mark of Detection
Summary: Chose Wroat as base of knowledge.
Leaders: Today, Baron Trelib d’Medani (NG male half-elf, rogue 7/master inquisitive 2) oversees house activities and controls the Warning Guild from an enclave in Wroat. Favors Breland due to friendship with King Boranel.
Guilds: Warning Guild offer personal protection with members who are scouts, sentries, and inquisitives.

House Orien

Race: Human
Headquarters: Passage
Mark of Passage
Leaders: Baron Kwanti d’Orien (CN male human, sorcerer 7/dragonmark heir 3) serves as the house patriarch. He oversees house activities and controls the Couriers Guild and the Transportation Guild from an enclave in the city of Passage. Of course, like the rest of his family, Kwanti is constantly on the move, and the house maintains outposts and emporiums throughout Khorvaire.
Guilds: Couriers Guild transport packages, messages, and passengers needing quick and discreet transportation.
Transportation Guild operates lightning rail and the caravan lines. Sometimes use magically cooled vehicles. Constant use of passages make routes safer for all.

House Phiarlan

Race: Elves
Mark of Shadow
Summary: Mark of Shadow grants divinatory and illusory powers. Even though it runs Entertainer guild, true work is in espionage and information brokering. Split in wanting to favor certain sides in the Last War resulted in split and creation of House of Thuranni. Most of business comes from Breland, Aundair, and Thrane, and a tie was kept with elf lords of Aerenal.
Leaders: Baron Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan (LN female elf, bard 7/shadow- dancer 4) serves as the house matriarch from her palatial estate in Sharn. (The original family enclave in Cyre was destroyed along with that nation, but as luck would have it, all the leading members of the house were abroad on that fateful day.) Most people believe that the elves who work for her are the best entertainers and artisans that money can buy. Few suspect the truth—that each is also an integral part of her network of spies operating throughout Khorvaire.
Guilds: Entertainers and Artisans Guild provides jobs for, well, yeah.

House Sivis

Race: Gnomes
Headquarter: Korranberg
Mark of Scribing
Summary: Among the first gnomes to integrate with human society, house Sivis appears to all to be extremely impartial, necessary when they carry messages from one king to another. Full of bureucracy, the house has a council of nine admins in charge at every country, each sending a rep to to the High Council in Korranberg. While appearing impartial and not ambitious, in the house the gnomes plot against each other constantly, but do not let it leave the house.
Leaders: The current doyenne of the High Council is Lysse Lyrriman d’Sivis (N female gnome, bard 6/dragonmark heir 4). She has led the house for almost ninety years and is known as an extremely shrewd negotiator and planner.
Guilds: Speakers Guild, which provides translators, interpreters, mediators, advocates, and maintains a network that allows for the sending of a message from one station to another.
Notarie Guild is the written documents, who authenticate documents with arcane mark, translate, bookkeeping, copying text, and record keeping, such as their service of keeping stock and record for the banks of Kundarak.


Race: Humans, Half-Orcs
Headquarters: Zarash’ak
Mark of Finding
Summary: Use their mark to work as prospectors, searching for Dragonshard deposits, as well as trackers. Prime supplier of Dragonshards. Though orcs cannot manifest the mark, Orcs work in the House, using their strength to mine and prospect, or aid in bounty-hunting. Has also recently acted as a seller of Mercs from Droaam, supplying monstrous soldiers, ogre laborers,harpy scouts, and many more.
Leaders: Managed by Triumvirate that represent the old clans: Members include Daric d’Velderan (CG male human, ranger 6/dragonmark heir 2), Khundar’aashta (NE male half- orc, rogue 6/dragonmark heir 3), and Maagrim d’Tharashk (N female half- orc, druid 7/heir of Siberys 3). The Triumvirate appoints regional leaders to run Tharashk operations in other nations, and these leaders, in turn, appoint lesser officers within the territories they control.
Guilds: The Finders guild, which monopolize Dragonshard trades, as well as use skilled inquisitives and bounty hunters.

House Thuranni

Race: Elves
Headquarters: Regalport
Mark of Shadow
Summary: Once a part of house Phiarlan, competes with it in the same businesses, of espionage, info, and entertaining. The weaker of the two. Runs its shadow network from enclaves in Regalport. Tries to spread services, but the patriarch has fondness for Sharn, the City of Towers/
Leaders: Baron Elar d’Thuranni (LN male elf, rogue 5/dragonmark heir 3) oversees the activities of the house, selling its services to clients in Karrnath, Droaam, Q’barra, and the Lhazaar Principalities, among others. Rumors persist that the baron deals with the Order of the Emerald Claw, but not even House Phiarlan has been able to confirm this. The Baron also has two companions, greater shadows named Wrem and Wrek.
Guilds: none

House Vadalis

Race: Humans
Headquarters: Varna
Mark of Handling
Summary: The house is in charge of many breeders, trainers, and stablekeepers. Viewed as a family first, business second. Produce mounts, livestock, and guard animals, as well as teams and drivers for coaches. Provides connection to out-of-the-way communities not tied by the other guilds. Close relationship with house Orien, which often uses Vadalis for caravans. Disliked by some Eldeen druids, and by Valenar elves for trying to steal horses.
Leaders: Patriarch Dalin d’Vadalis (CG male human, expert 8) oversees house operations from an enclave in the heart of the city of Varna, and the house maintains a number of small towns throughout the eastern portion of the Eldeen Reaches.

House of Vol

Race: Elves
Headquarters: Unknown (likely destroyed)
Mark of Death
Summary: Not much is known of the House of Vol. Their Dragonmark, the Mark of Death, was among the first to appear in Eberron, but the powers the Mark granted are a mystery. About 2600 years ago, a coalition of elves and dragons eradicated the entire House. Since then, the House and its Mark have all but faded from knowledge, save for some of the highest ranking members of other Houses. No one has been known to bear the Mark of Death to this day.

Summary of Houses

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