A New Eberron

Chapter 7: Chaos and Blood

Sheogorath's Tomb and the Blood of Vol

On the way back from Wroat (which will hopefully get its own adventure log post one day), Garrus, Liv, Ray, Dou, and Aquarius met up with Jake, whom had been a few days behind them. He was bummed that he had missed the action. The journey back was uneventful, until just outside of Greenblade when Garrus mentioned that he had heard rumors of a nearby tomb with a treasure. Ray soon spotted the path and mindlessly followed its markers, causing the rest of the concerned group to follow.

They eventually arrived at a door built into a hill. They found they key and entered, only to be greeted by a spectral illusion. He introduced himself as Sheogorath, and invited the group to try to claim his treasure. The group accepted his challenge, and the dungeon began! They progressed through the room rapidly, often solving the puzzles with luck, stupidity, and recklessness. Along the way, Aquarius acquired a flying broomstick, and Garrus took an onyx pyramid that was capable of swapping souls. However, as they continued, they noticed that the puzzles became more life-threatening, with another vision of Sheogorath eventually admitting that he was trying to kill the group. Regardless, the adventurers pushed on, eventually arriving at Sheogorath’s burial room. Jake, in a stroke of brilliance, found Sheogorath’s treasure: the Wabbajack, a staff of incredible and unpredictable power. They were then teleported to the tomb’s entrance no worse for the wear.

However, upon exiting, the group was ambushed by soldiers. The captain identified the attackers as the Emerald Claw, and they demanded the group hand over Garrus peacefully. The group responded by obliterating the pitiful soldiers. When the carnage had ended, the captain attempted to knock the group out with a strange orb, but Dou, Liv, and the mechanical companion resisted. They rescued Garrus and eliminated what little remained of the Emerald Claw squad. Upon investigating, they found a note on the captain that contained the order to capture Garrus, as well as the name and location of their pursuer: Cardinal Leto of the Blood of Vol from Passage. The event was finished off with another message from Ray’s presumed creator, as well as Ray unlocking his lost vocabulary.

The group made their way posthaste to Passage by way of Whale-Ray, though along the way Jake, Dou, Garrus, and Liv revealed their life stories: Dou was actually an exiled S-class demon, Jake was a biotically-altered supersoldier from the war, Garrus was a dragonmarked amnesiac, and Liv was a royal soul bearer. The episode strengthened the bond of fellowship among them. When the group arrived at Passage, they witnessed Liv accepting a new lost soul, amazed by the spectacle. They then spent the night outside the city.

The next day, they found the local Blood of Vol church and succeeded in luring Cardinal Leto into his office. Ray poisoned the cardinal, lowering his Dexterity to 0 and rendering the man incapable of movement. They kidnapped him and stole him away to the woods. They attempted to torture the man, only to discover that he was undead. They failed to extract much information from the resilient Cardinal, except that the remaining 12 cardinals would undoubtedly reinforce the parties searching for Garrus, and that the 13 cardinals all answered to a central matriarch. In the end, Ray accidentally put an end to Leto’s prolonged existence, and that was that. Confused, the group returned home, well aware that they had made a powerful enemy.


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