A New Eberron

Chapter 3: New Beginnings

A New Home

As Liv and Garrus begin the journey back to Sylbaran, Ray “sneezes” once more and turns Jake into a newt as well. At the same time, Ray’s mechanical companion suddenly opens and Dou topples out, no longer a newt. Sighing as they realize this will become a regular and unpredictable event, Garrus, Liv, and Dou place Newt-Jake in the Mechanical Companion beside Newt-Aquarius and lead Ray back to town. They pick up Chang Banks along the way, who had apparently meant to join them but was too slow in his preparations. They go to the chapel and return the Vernal Key, restoring the town’s protective enchantments.

As the group leaves, they are approached by a young man, clearly impressed with their exploits and envying whatever patron they serve. After Garrus and Liv explain that they have only just met, the young man introduces himself as Volssa Mreuna and offers them a proposition: to come to his village and form a group with his father, a wealthy up-and-coming merchant, who sells, of all things, a preserved fish, as their patron. Garrus, Liv, and Dou all voice concerns, but when the young man assures them that their allegiance will be non-binding and the agreement will do little more than provide a base of operations, the group agrees to survey their potential home.

They travel by cart to Greenblade Village. They are greeted by Volssa’s father, Chairn, who expresses his excitement for being the group’s patron. After a brief introduction, he shows the party their new home: the town’s militia barracks, which are empty since no permanent militia exists. Thanking him, Liv and Chang quickly claim the rooms on the top floor while Dou and Garrus are more than content to take the bottom floor. They delegate a room on the second floor as their kitchen, then attempt to teach Ray the concepts of owning a room, privacy, and spare time, who expresses understanding in only the most literal sense of the word.

After the lesson, as Garrus, Liv, Chang, and Dou are talking in the kitchen, Ray walks in and the third eye on his forehead opens, and a moving image appears on the wall. It seems to be a jumble of random symbols and characters, until a human voice, a somewhat raspy and elderly male’s voice that is not Ray’s is heard. It says:

“Entry 1, 955
I have created it! Numerous trials, years of research, tens of assistants lost, but it finally has been done! I have created a sentient golem! It is just likeā€¦ a child. It is curious, it docile, and most importantly, it is learning and developing at an incredible pace! In just the first day of existing it is able to gently grab objects with it’s hands, and slowly stand and walk. Though it understands what I am saying, it does not know yet how to speak or compose speech. I must return to working with it.

Entry 3
In order to prevent work my so far from being lost, I have designed E-102 Beta with a set of override codes that allow both myself and my assistants to control his behavior in case an error should occur, so that he does not end up like my other golems. As long as you are identified as a client, he will verbally accept these commands. The first command is to open up the override menu: “Override Menu Passcode Emerald.” This command does nothing but open him up for further commands. The second command is “Command: Force Recalculation” The command wipes his working memory, forcing him to re-examine and calculate his current course of action or objective. I put this one in place so that, should he become frightened and aggressive, or misinterpret a situation around him, we can force to to calm down and rethink. Ha! I wish my wife had this command. The third command is “Command: Alter Client Registry.” This allows you to add or erase an ID from his database, stopping that person or allowing that person to use overrides on him."

After the confusing event, Garrus and Dou decide to investigate the town a little and head to the local inn, the Bear Claw Pub and Inn. They meet Poppy Yumah, the halfling owner, as well as the local girls working there. They both order a drink, and they begin to swap stories. Dou tells of the hardships he faced in years past, but claims that it is his whole life story. Garrus sees through the ploy, and demands an explanation. Hesitating, Dou leads Garrus outside to tell him the truth. However, they sense that they are still not alone, and they retreat back to Dou’s room in the barracks. Dou reveals that his is not human, but rather is made of stone. Shocked, Garrus responds by revealing the strange mark on his neck and explaining that he can only remember the last two years of his life. The truth-telling strengthens the bond between the two, and they pledge to support each other if hard times come.

Meanwhile, Liv attempts to eavesdrop on Dou and Garrus when they return as she heard Dou’s stone figure creaking on the floorboards three floors beneath her. Although the two do not notice her, Ray does. Liv fails to sneak up on Garrus and Dou’s conversation when Ray follows her. Surprised, she engages Ray in short conversation, which eventually leads to Liv discovering that Ray can repair her motorcycle. Excited, she leads him to it, and he proceeds to work on it, giving Liv an estimate on how long it is likely to take.

Expressing unusual interest in the motorcycle, Ray reveals a strangely in-depth knowledge of the machine’s working, even displaying a blueprint of such a machine that existed within his memory. He immediately begins to provide Liv with the list of necessary parts and the estimated repair cost, and despite Liv’s lack of gold to purchase the necessary parts, Ray, either out of his failure to recognize the value of gold or some other interest, places forward the remaining amount and begins work immediately. As the two speak, Liv attempts to explain the concept of “like” and interest, to no avail. After struggling through the explanation, Liv settles for teaching Ray to hug, before allowing him to return to work on the motorcycle.

That night, Liv falls asleep outside near Ray as he continues to repair the motorcycle. Dou sits on a chair outside the barracks, keeping watch. Garrus climbs the stairs to the roof of the barracks – which also served as a watchtower when it was in use – and plays his guitar, falling asleep on the roof. Chang sleeps soundly, content to be away from the bustle of the night’s events.

When morning comes, Liv decides to make breakfast in their new kitchen as Ray works on her motorcycle. Garrus and Chang arrive hungry, and are about to start eating when Vanya Ielle, the wife of one of the local fisherman, comes for a short visit to welcome them to the neighborhood, as well as leaving them a bundle of the town’s famous fish. When she leaves, Liv, Garrus, and Chang eat their breakfast. Garrus decides to visit the local blacksmith to gauge his skill, and Liv joins him since Ray is still working. They meet the apprentice Leonade Eseth, who tells them that Tosut Firth, his master, is not much of a talker, but can make just about anything. Confident that Tosut will be capable when the need arises, Garrus and Liv return to the barracks. When the arrive, Liv squeals with joy when she sees that Ray has finished the repairs on her motorcycle.


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