A New Eberron

Chapter 2: Escape from Jarl's Demi-Plane

Ogres and Bugbears and Djinni, Oh My!

“Unused spell located, spell slot: Level 5. Accessing. Spell unidentified. Debug process: Execute. Firing Spell. Targeting parameters: Not found.” In a flash of light, Dou and Aquarius were suddenly and conveniently transformed into newts. At a loss for words, Nox placed the two into Ray’s mechanical companion for the duration of the spell, and ventured back to the camp made by the prisoners of Jarl.

Only an hour or so behind the party, Garrus and Jake, a young man made of patchwork enhancements of digital and magical variety hoping to investigate Jarl and The Red Raven, arrive in the demi-plane and meet the forced prisoners, arriving at the camp site as Ray and Nox do. To the surprise of Jake and Nox, the two recognize each other from the same previously attended university. The two groups merge and explain their situations, and resolve to move forward together.

The group first attempts to lure either Jarl or the Raven out with the Storied Cup, but to no avail. Risking the maze of the demi-plane, the group encounter a sorcerer and a knocked out fighter battling a Yeti, running to the rescue. Scared and defiant, even after the group defeats the yeti and saves Teko, the knocked out fighter, the Sorcereress Geppa refuses to reveal her involvement with the Red Raven, whom she reveals is Aric from the shooting contest the previous day. The Party had arrived with Aric, but lost many of its members, and eventually Aric. Becoming aggressive, Geppa attacked Garrus, but was swiftly knocked out. With Teko awakened, the group fails to retrieve much more information aside from the fact that Aric has been kidnapped by an Ogre, and they drag the two back to the camp and continue their search for The Red Raven.

The group eventually comes upon a battle-field where the ogre holding the Red-Raven battles a group of Bugbear zombies led by a mephit under the command of Jarl. After wiping out the enemies, the group speaks with Kidu, the Ogre, in an attempt to form an agreement. Upon learning that the Vernal Key, which he took from Aric, is necessary to escape, Kidu refuses to give it up for any reason, but is then promptly obliterated by Nox and Ray, causing the prisoners who fought alongside Kidu to flee. The group then finally obtains both the Key and Aric.

Taking all information they can from Aric, concerning his plan to steal from Jarl using the key to escape, Garrus learns that his mark may be a long lost, or muddled, Dragonmark, and Nox finally avenges a soul whose life was ruined by the crimson-clad thief, only through the unplanned intervention of Jake, who was spying on the interchange when the Red-Raven escaped and attempted to flee from Nox.

Now in possession of the means to escape and destroy the prison, the group lies to Geppa and Teko, claiming that Kidu killed the Red Raven, and then begin to march the prisoners out of the plane. As they arrive at the exit, they are blocked by none other than the Djinni, Jarl of the Great Wind. Laughing at their attempts to defeat him, Jarl’s mirage image distracts the heroes as he, hidden by invisibility, sneaks behind them and wipes out a portion of the prisoners. Finally visible, the group destroys Jarl and escapes the prison, destroying it once and for all. They allow the surviving prisoners to take a generous share of Jarl’s treasure while allowing themselves a reward for their efforts.


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