A New Eberron

Chapter 1: A Letter

Our story so far...

Our story begins at Sylbaran, a farming and hunting town of around 400 located at the southernmost point of the Eldeen reaches. It is the tenth of Sypherros, marking the beginning of harvest for the farming town, and for Sylbaran, this marks the Harvest Festival, a day long event that attracts bards, traders, rich and poor to enjoy the customs of a traditional farm town, a way of life that is disappearing across the continent of Khorvaire.

Our heroes arrive, each with a sense of purpose, with the exception of Aquarius. Liv and Nox, a black-haired outlaw with two personalities and an uncertain link to the throne, arrives walking a broken-down motorcycle after receiving a letter concerning a man named the Red Raven, who she believes to be connected to a matter they must attend to for a lost soul that has found its way to them. A strange robed Bard named Garrus received a note bearing only a strange symbol related to his dark and cloudy past, as well as mention of the same crimson thief Liv pursues. A young dark haired gadget-laden man named Chang shows up, bearing a wanted poster with a high reward, a bounty he can’t pass up. An unusual and gruff man with bright red hair name Dou stands guard, hired to keep the peace at the festival. Last, and probably least, an unkempt warrior with a robotic arm arrives on the scene, intoxicated and disorderly, harassing a man named Aric for his usage of a powered cart before stumbling into the festival.

As the heroes became acquainted with the town, Chang, Garrus, and Liv met briefly in an Inn, engaged in conversation with a Ralph-Veigal-like man who owned the town’s Tannery. Breaking off to enjoy the town’s other festivities aside from drinking, Chang made his way to the bath-house brewery run by a dwarven woman with a strong business plan (due to her position as the village midwife on top of its brewer and bath-house owner), who promptly outdrank and emasculated Chang. While there, Chang was disturbed in his attempts to court two elven women in the baths by both Garrus and Aquarius.

Later in the day Garrus, Liv, and Chang entered a shooting contest where Chang won third place, and taking first was Aric. Promptly arriving to disturb the award ceremonies, Aquarius continued to harass the first place winner, Aric, as well as Chang, giving Liv the opportunity to sneak off with one of the competition’s rifles.

Ending the day with a relaxing trip to the bar, Garrus and Chang had a run-in with a rogue woman dressed as a farmer who attempted to seduce Garrus, and chose to pickpocket him when she failed. Seduced in turn by Chang, the young man led the woman to a room, where he restrained her and stole her possessions, then returned the stolen money to the oblivious Garrus.

Liv, who was walking the streets of the empty town, had a run in with a group of cloaked bandits, but promptly defeated each. After interrogating the only one left aware, she learned Aric had hired them to distract her for a heist, but the man knew no more. Left with no more information, Liv retired.

Aquarius fell asleep in a gutter.

The next morning the town awoke in a frantic panic over a missing artifact. The artifact in question was a spherical shaped object called the Vernal Key, and it protected the town and the area around it from extreme temperatures by decreasing the cold and wind during the winter. Never having lived through a winter without it, the frightened town became chaotic. Seeking aid from the able adventurers who had participated in the shooting contest, as well as calling on the guard they had hired, Dou, Nox, and Aquarius, who followed Dou in order to help fight global warming, met with the town leader and agreed to chase after the thief who had stolen the Vernal Key: the Red Raven.

The group hired Ost, the owner of the town’s hunting lodge, as well as a ranger himself, and began to track down the Red Raven toward the Byeshk mountain range. After making it through ambush after ambush, the group found themselves following the thief into a frozen valley, soon realizing they were trapped inside a demi-plane they could not exit. Seeking information, the adventurers learned from others who were imprisoned in the plane that the plane was controlled by a Djinni named Jarl, expressing fear of the man as well.

Breaking into his treasure trove, the feature that had attracted many of the other prisoners, the group was attacked by a dire weasel, but the creature only made an initial leap before being grabbed and strangled by a metallic hand reaching out from under the treasure pile. Revealing itself, the arm had belonged to a strange orange warforged that seemingly lacked a will, operating much like a robot. With it’s identity, purpose, and origin unknown, only knowing it had the potential to change shape and cast healing spells, the group dubbed the warforged Ray, short for the only discernible word it used to identify itself, and exited the treasure trove.

Unsure of where to go next, Ray revealed that the Vernal key was necessary both to escape the demi-plane, and destroy the plane that had been created to imprison Jarl for murdering his lord. Ray than revealed he had the artifact necessary to perform the ritual that would free Jarl and destroy the plane, the golden cup that had been used to poison Jarl’s lord.


Rayxzerox Rayxzerox

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